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En Vacances

by habituallychic

07 . 28 . 16

Sometimes I have to stop looking at Instagram since it looks like everyone is en vacances in Europe right now. The two hot spots I’ve noticed from my feed are Corsica and the Amalfi Coast and Russian fashionista Mira Duma has hit both this week. Not only am I loving her picture post card perfect photos but also her chic resort style. I mean, what could be chicer than a bold green caftan and Hermès Constance Bag?

Another thing I learned on Instagram this week is that some women on holiday are wearing men’s nightshirts from Charvet as dresses and cover-ups. I’ve never thought of this idea but it’s ingenious. It works best if the nightshirt doesn’t have piping so put this on your must buy list for your next trip to Paris.

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