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Kips Bay Decorator Show House 2016: Olasky & Sinsteden Bedroom

by habituallychic

05 . 12 . 16

I was explaining to someone outside of the design world that this week is the most important week in the design world.  The 2016 Kips Bay Decorator Show House officially opens today and as I mentioned yesterday, it’s honestly one of the best houses I’ve seen in a while. I always start at the top and work my way down which means I start with some of the new participants instead of the established veteran designers.  I also think it’s nice to start off my coverage with one of these first timers because it’s such a big moment for them.

While they may be new to the Kips Bay Decorator Show House, the firm Olasky & Sinsteden of has been around for five years. The co-founders Maximilian Sinsteden and Catherine Olasky both have extensive design backgrounds working for Charlotte Moss and Bunny Williams respectfully among other top notch firms. They came together in 2009 to start their own design firm with offices in New York, Houston, and London.

Their sixth floor bedroom in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House has the same color scheme as my own bedroom which is probably a bit of the reason I loved it so much but it really is a soothing and chic space. The mix of antiques and modern art with traditional upholstery should be a lesson to those who never know how to combine these elements.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the source list but I’ll try to find them out soon. The Journal should be online soon too. Better yet, just head to the new Kips Bay Decorator Show House and pick one up while you tour the gorgeous new house. It runs though June 9, 2016.


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All photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic.