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Instagram Chic: Robin Lucas

by habituallychic

05 . 18 . 16

Even when I’m on a trip, like I currently am in Peru, I’m always thinking of my next destination. I’m long overdue for a visit to London especially since I have so many lovely Instagram friends in the city. One of the them is interior designer, illustrator, and garden designer Robin Lucas @robinhhlucas. His feed is filled with beautiful flowers, charming English interiors, and travel photos. It’s not surprising that his past experience includes World of Interiors and Jamb. His compositions are always simple yet elegant and make me want to move to England. But then I remember the rain and come to my senses but a visit I can do. robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-002 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-003 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-004 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-005 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-006 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-007 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-008 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-009 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-010 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-011 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-012 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-013 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-014 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-015 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-016 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-017 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-018 robin-lucas-instagram-habituallychic-019