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Sotheby’s Designer Showhouse 2016

by habituallychic

04 . 12 . 16

As with any interior design project, the 2016 Sotheby’s Designer Showhouse wasn’t quite finished when I stopped by for the press preview Friday morning. Luckily, I only live a few blocks away so I popped over Sunday to see the completed room and they were definitely worth the wait. The Sotheby’s Designer Showhouse was conceived to show younger clients how antiques can be combined with modern and contemporary pieces to decorate their homes. As you know, I love antiques and think they add soul to any space. I prefer decor that looks collected rather than decorated and antiques are they key element to achieving this goal. The best part is that the majority of the pieces used in each room are up for auction on April 17th.

Designer Robert Passal‘s master bedroom is an example of how antiques help make the space feel like a real home instead of a hotel room. The backdrop of hand-drawn Cy Twombly inspired walls by Metamorfaux set the stage for black and white photography while the George III Mahogany breakfront and Avery Boardman bed anchor the room. He had custom slipcovers made from Holland and Sherry searsucker to lighten up 18th-century chairs and cover worn upholstery on the Regency daybed.  I love this look to change up your furniture for the seasons without reupholstering them.

Because of the furniture placement, it was a little difficult to photograph this room so I highly suggest you stop by the Sotheby’s Designer Showhouse before the exhibition ends on April 16th to see all the rooms in real life.
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