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Kendall Conrad’s New Collaboration

by habituallychic

04 . 27 . 16

It was Julia Leach of Chance Co. who told me that I had to stop by Kendall Conrad‘s shop in Brentwood while I was in Los Angeles in January 2012. It wasn’t until this January 2016 that we finally met in person in Montecito area of Santa Barbara. Drinks at the San Ysidro Ranch turned into dinner which then turned into a tour of a private home the next day and a visit to Mira Mara Ceramics.  Kendall grew up in Santa Barbara but moved away for many years before coming home to raise her family so she’s the perfect tour guide.  She cares so deeply about the area that she wants to make sure you see and do all the best things not just what’s well known. This week I’ll be seeing Kendall in New York as she debuts her new accessories collection for Club Monaco that highlights her signature leather and brass pieces. I hope on my next trip California I can see her home in person but until then,I’ll make due with the latest photos that were just posted by One Kings Lane.
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-002 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-003
Kendall Conrad Cagancho Slides
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-004 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-005
Kendall Conrad Beads Choker
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-006 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-007
Kendall Conrad Chiquita Bag
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-008 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-009
Kendall Conrad Esclava Ring
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-010 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-011
Kendall Conrad Beads Bracelet
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-012 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-013
Kendall Conrad Pacha Bracelet in White
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-014 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-015
Kendall Conrad Ring Belt
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-016 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-017
Kendall Conrad Phone Purse
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-018 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-019
Kendall Conrad Etched Choker
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-020 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-021
Kendall Conrad Sino Lupe Bag
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-022 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-023
Kendall Conrad Pacha Bracelet in Cognac
kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-024 kendall-conrad-one-kings-lane-club-monaco-habituallychic-025
Kendall Conrad Martingala Sandal