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Beautiful in Biarritz

by habituallychic

03 . 13 . 16

Do you ever feel like you need a vacation after your vacation?  I don’t exactly feel like that on my last day in Paris but I do feel like I could use a really relaxing warm weather trip.  If I had thought of that earlier, I could have added Biarritz to my itinerary. The seaside town in southwestern France was made popular by visiting Royals but today it’s known as a popular surf destination. This beach house in Biarritz was designed by Madrid designer Susana Beltran for her family and was featured in AD Espana.  It’s a modern and traditional mix where the garden takes center stage since outside is where you want to be in Biarritz. It looks like the perfect place for a holiday. I may have to inquire if it’s ever for rent.
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Photos by Gonzalo Machado.