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Pajama Party

by habituallychic

02 . 23 . 16

It’s one of those rainy and cold days in New York that make you want to stay in bed in your pajamas.  Unfortunately, I spilled nail polish on my favorite blue silk pajamas, as seen in the photo above, while I was in Florence. Now I’m on the hunt for a new pair before I leave for Paris next week. Come to think of it, they would also be good for sitting around watching the Oscars this Sunday.
Hill House Home is a new company founded by Nellie Diamond that offers luxury linens and sleepwear. I love that the pajamas are sold separately in case you are a different size on top and bottom or spill nail polish on your pajama top like me.
I actually own this Vintage Pajama Set and they are lovely but more casual than the silk set I ruined.
These Coco Silk Satin Pajama Set would impress even Coco Chanel.
Sleepy Jones is known for their great pajamas and I love the red piping on the Marina Pajamas. They also offer men’s pajamas too.
These Bodas Pajama Top and Bottom are also sold separately.
The Vintage Pajama Set also comes in navy blue.
Those of you who are expecting aren’t left out of the pajama party. Hatch has you covered with their new Pajama Set.  These also work if you’ve eaten a little too much this winter.
pajamas-sleepwear-habituallychic-009The Journelle store is just down the street from me in New York.  It’s a little dangerous but  that’s how I found these Garbo Pajamas in my favorite color combination.
pajamas-sleepwear-habituallychic-010These Hepburn Pajamas are another great option for replacing my silk pajamas.
pajamas-sleepwear-habituallychic-011I wish these Olatz Pajamas weren’t so expensive because they are absolutely perfect. They also offer men’s styles too.
These ivory silk La Perla Pajamas are very chic and also come in black.
These Mark & Graham Classic Pajamas can be monogrammed which is fun. They also offer the same style Classic Pajamas for Men. Just in case you want to match.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.

– Irish Proverb