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Rich and Layered

by habituallychic

01 . 04 . 16

While many are starting off the new year with clean white spaces, I’m loving this colorful and elegant Upper East Side home of designer Ellen Hanson that was recently featured in Vogue Living. There is something about the color and art that remind me of Steven Gambrel’s old New York townhouse but of course it stands on its own. Ms. Hanson said of her style, “To me, beauty is not about the pretty; I never try for pretty. I try for rich and layered and unique, sometimes even a little bit odd.” I have two friends who just bought mid-century homes and this is an example I will definitely be sending them for additional inspiration. The marble bathroom also reminds me of those I saw in Italy last year so that’s going in my own home file. You can find all the details here. Happy New Year!
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Photos by Martyn Thompson.