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james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-001 Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve took a few days off to enjoy the holidays. While I usually leave up my decorations until New Year’s Day, I felt like putting them away the day after Christmas.  Perhaps the warmer weather is to blame or just the urge to declutter before it’s time to get back to work. I think that’s why I am drawn to this farmhouse owned by designer James Huniford that I found on One Kings Lane. I’m ready for things to be lighter and airier. But after last winter’s arctic cold, I’m perfectly content with these temperatures.

Happy almost New Year.
james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-002 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-003 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-004 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-005 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-006 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-007 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-008 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-009 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-010 james-huniford-farmhouse-okl-habituallychic-011