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Chic at Work: Madeline Weinrib

by habituallychic

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I can’t believe that in all the years of ordering her rugs and attending events in New York that I had never met designer Madeline Weinrib in person. It was a huge treat to visit with her in her studio and showroom recently, especially since we share a love of travel and flea markets. Although, due to her recent collaboration with Barneys she hasn’t been able to travel as much as she would like. She told me that her favorite places are India and Morocco where many of the pieces for the collection at Barneys were created by artisans.

Madeline started out as an artist and painter but was asked to sketch a few rug designs ABC Carpet and Home, the iconic New York institution founded by her great-grandfather, and the rest as they say is history. Her signature cotton rugs were created as an affordable alternative to the expensive wools rugs which were complemented by patterned textiles and now a myriad of products. She’s even dipped her tow into the beauty business with 100% all natural Argan Oil made in Morocco.

The collaboration with Barneys is full of great gift items for the holidays but there is also a Madeline Weinrib sample sale happening now in store and online. Happy Shopping!
She said she loves to add patterend fabrics to furniture that would have traditionally been upholstered in solid fabrics.
The traditional fabrics have recently been reinterpreted in an outdoor fabric collection.
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The gallery wall of photos are vintage photos from India that she has collected over many years of traveling.
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A framed sketch of one of her original rug designs.
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A few of the products from the Barneys collaboration include Hamsa Embossed stationery designed with Conner and an embroidered hand towel which has been one of the most popular items.
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Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic.