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J.J. Martin in Milan

by habituallychic

09 . 25 . 15

I was already working on a post of writer and editor J.J. Martin’s Milan home when I was invited to a party last night to celebrate the launch of her new La Double J Editions dress collection with Mantero at Potafiori with Matches Fashion. The long seasonless dress comes in seven vintage patterns from Mantero’s archives. The dress looked great on all her friends including Viviana Volpicelli were on hand for the chic soiree.

Her apartment with views of the Duomo looks as colorful and eclectic as the vintage fashions she collects. The design of home led to her collecting vintage furniture as well. She told Elle Decor that renovating the apartment took a lot of flirting to get anything done. I’m already learning that flirting is practically an Olympic sport in Italy so I don’t blame her. I plan on flirting my way through my two week trip. Ciao!

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