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At Home in the Garden

by habituallychic

08 . 06 . 15

At the photo shoot yesterday, I was discussing that I would like to take a flower arranging class.  Another person who could give great lessons is Carolyne Roehm. I love checking out her website to see the gorgeous photos of her gardens, flowers, and tabletops.  Everything she touches is chic and gorgeous.  So I’m especially excited to pick up her forthcoming book At Home in the Garden when it’s released this October.  Not surprisingly, it’s already #1 New Release in Garden Design on Amazon.com.

“It’s as simple as this: a garden is like love…a place you venture into with hope, energy, excitement, enchantment, and the greatest of expectations.” – Carolyne Roehm

The photos here are from her post on her peony gardens that I hope make the book.

carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-002 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-003 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-004 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-005 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-006 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-007 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-008 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-009 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-010 carolyne-roehm-at-home-in-the-garden-book-peonies-habituallychic-011