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Wonderful West Village Townhouse

by habituallychic

06 . 24 . 15

I had the pleasure of attending a dinner party for Bonpoint in a gorgeous West Village townhouse last year. (You can see the photos in my post Beautiful Bonpoint Dinner.) Now you can see the rest of the six-story home of Annabel and Jos White thanks to House & Garden magazine. The sitting room furniture was displaced to make room for the long table so I loved seeing the everyday configuration. It was also a treat to see the upstairs private spaces that I didn’t get to see the night of the party.

It’s a color filled family home that embraces the White’s English roots and their new American life. Annabel previously worked for The Rug Company so it’s also filled with many of their gorgeous patterned rugs. Annabel says in the article,”I like my wardrobe black, but my life colourful.”

The renovation took years and was headed by architect Basil Walter and “interior designer Poonam Khanna, who, together with Annabel and her British interior-designer friend, Sarah Russell, was responsible for the decorative choices.” The construction caused a bit of a disruption to the neighborhood but it looks like the finished townhouse was worth all the effort.
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Photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo.