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New Fashion Obsession Gabriela Hearst

by habituallychic

06 . 22 . 15

A small piece from the WSJ.Magazine online has led to a new design crush in Gabriela Perezutti Hearst. The Uruguay-born designer started with her first line Candela but now has a new line Gabriela Hearst that she describes as a collection “for a woman, not a girl. Someone who knows what she wants.” Although she’s lived in New York for 15 years, you can see some of her South American roots in the color palette and beautiful leather boots. The collection is exclusive to Barneys and each piece looks like it could be dressed up for the city and down for the country.

I’m not only in love with Gabriela’s fashions but also her five-story townhouse in the West Village. I remember seeing it in Harper’s Bazaar but Tales of Endearment has a more in depth look at the home she shares with her husband Austin Hearst, her twin daughters, and the couple’s brand new baby boy. Interior designer Daniel Romualdez helped pull the place together rather quickly. He said, Working with Gabi is effortless. She has distinct personal taste, and we simply took cues from her bohemian, outdoorsy style.”

I hear there is a store in the works for the Gabriela Hearst brand which I can’t wait to see. Until then, I will be pre-ordering everything for fall 2015.



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I’m obsessed with Gabriela Hearst Fisherman Sweater with tulle inserts paired with her Combo Pleated Skirt.
gabriela-perezutti-hearst-2015-Habitually-chic-005 gabriela-perezutti-hearst-2015-Habitually-chic-006
I also love Scarf Neck Top and Long Slit Front Skirt.

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