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Friday Flowers

by habituallychic

06 . 12 . 15

Every week I bring home bouquets of blooms to brighten up my apartment. I’ve also been lucky enough to receive a few flower deliveries sent by friends recently. I read somewhere that flowers make people happier than any other gift so why not give them to yourself as well as others. They also make great photos for Instagram which is where all of these photos originated.

Bon week-end !

friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-002 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-003 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-004 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-005 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-006 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-007 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-008 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-009 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-010 friday-flowers-2015-habitually-chic-012
All photos by me in my apartment via Instagram.