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Chic in Sydney

by habituallychic

06 . 23 . 15


Belle Magazine doesn’t have a website but they do send out an email everyday which is where I saw the beautiful photo above. It is from the Sydney home of Ronan Sulich and Margaret Nolan and was featured in the October/November 2013 issue and was photographed by Michael Wee. It was also featured on Marie Claire Maison Italia where I was able to find the photos online.

The couple found the mid-Victorian terrace when they moved back to Sydney from London with a container full of antiques acquired during their time in Europe. Ronan works for Christie’s auction house so it’s not surprising that the home is filled with beautiful antiques and artwork. It house did not look this good when they found it and they spent a lot of time creating the neutral backdrop and installing new wood floors to unify the space. This also helps make all their special pieces stand out. This might be my new favorite house and I hope someone else features it so I can see more. Until then, I will continue to stalk Ronan’s Instagram for more glimpses.
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