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Seaside Paradise

by habituallychic

04 . 30 . 15


All of the wicker and rattan at the Four Seasons Costa Rica have me thinking back to this chic seaside home in Capri designed by Jean-Louis Deniot. I already posted it 2013 but since then I’ve found some new photos. It was designed for along time Italian client who lives in the hills of Anacapri that Deniot calls the “authentic” part where people live all year.

Up until the 1980s it was owned by the priest of the church of Hagia Sophia, until the house fell into the hands of a fan of plastic windows, laminate and other dubious achievements of the construction industry, which Deniot altered to the chic state you see it in now. Thank goodness!

The main source of inspiration for Deniot was a villa designed by Jean-Michel Frank for the American billionaire Templeton Crocker that was never built. He also had to take into account the weather of the island and choose pieces that would stand up to the conditions. The owner who also lives in the home year round contributed the wonderful art that makes it more personal. Apparently even the dog is happy in this home but it’s easy to see why.

Bon week-end!

Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-002 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-003 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-004 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-005 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-006 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-007 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-008 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-009 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-010 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-011 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-012 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-013 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-014 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-015 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-016 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-017 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-018 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-019 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-020 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-021 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-022 Jean-Louis-Deniot-Capri-Italy-habituallychic-023