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I’m running out of room for art in my apartment.  The only room with available wall space is my bathroom so I’m contemplating an arrangement of black and white photos.  The floor is black and white tile so I’ve worked around that theme and added in touches of blue.  I’ve just not decided yet if I want to keep a bit of white space, a place for your eye to rest, or go a little crazy.  To complicate matters even more, I saw an art photo by Maximilian Imrie at Clic Gallery yesterday that combines a black and white image with blue ink that could also be perfect for the space.

These are a few of the images that have inspiring me.  Some are other bathrooms with gallery walls and others are just regular rooms.  I’ll keep you posted.
2-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 3-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 4-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 5-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic

Ralph Lauren’s Bedford bathroom.

6-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 7-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 8-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic

Bathroom in designer Lisa Marie Fernandez’s New York apartment. 9-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 10-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic-morgane-bedel-garance-dore-


Gallery wall in the home of Morgane Bedal by Garance Dore.


Design by Steven Gambrel. 12-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 13-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 14-gallery-wall-art-bathroom-2015-habituallychic 15-gallery-wall-art-kitch-2015-habituallychic 16-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic

Office of Malene Birger. 17-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic 18-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic-charles-churchward

Gallery wall in the home office of Charles Churchward.

19-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic 20-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic 21-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic 22-gallery-wall-art-2015-habituallychic
This is a photo of my bathroom. The current photo hides the unfortunate outlet placement.  I hate the wavy plaster and think about gut renovating this room at least once a day.

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