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Swedish Style

by habituallychic

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I found this image on Pinterest and of course had to find the rest of the house. While it is in the Swedish Style, it is actually a home in Houston designed by Katrin Cargill Interiors. There is something about it that reminds me of Swan House which I posted earlier this week.  I bet this home would look just as lovely decorated for Christmas. I also love the uncluttered spaces.  It was probably decluttered for the photo shoot but it’s a great example of how each piece becomes important and stands out with less surrounding them.

My goal before the New Year is to ruthlessly clean out my apartment of non-essential pieces and clutter. Less is more is my new motto.  We’ll see how long it lasts.


Happy Holidays! katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-002 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-003 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-004 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-005 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-006 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-007 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-008 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-009 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-010 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-011 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-012 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-013 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-014 katrin-cargill-interiors-swedish-style-2014-habituallychic-015