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People in Glass Houses

by habituallychic

11 . 25 . 14

I was lucky enough be invited to stay at the Chafen’s new house in Napa Valley when I visited them. It is located a short drive from the Dutch Henry Winery but has its own vineyard outside the front door that had just been planted. Every time I looked out the windows, I questioned why I live in New York City.  It was heavenly.

The house sits on a property where the local Olympic sized pool was located.  It was where everyone learned to swim. It has since been changed into a reasonably sized swimming pool that connects Maggie and Less Chafen’s house and back guest house to the house that is under construction for their son Scott and his family.

Maggie Chafen was telling me that they’ve had houses filled with antiques but they are liking this new more minimal space. I completely understand after living in my minimal apartment in Paris.  It works especially well for a weekend home in a place where you want to be outside most of the time. And when you’re inside, the outside comes in through the amazingly large doors and windows. It was designed by Donald Ohlen of Ohlen Design who I was lucky enough to meet at the winery.

While the whole house and property are lovely, it’s the kitchen that stole my heart.  It’s probably the only open kitchen I’ve ever truly liked, probably because much of the contents is from March in San Francisco. Including an enviable amount of white ceramics from Astier de Villatte. I was just thinking how fun would it be to cook Thanksgiving dinner in this kitchen and then serve it outside overlooking the property with wines from your own vineyard.

If the Chafen’s aren’t careful, they may find me permanently living in the guest house.

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Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic