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California Chic

by habituallychic

11 . 05 . 14


I’m getting ready for a trip to California next week that will hopefully include sunshine and warmer temperatures than we’re having in New York.  I’m also hoping it includes lots of great design inspiration. California is home to a lot of great interior designers and stores that I hope to hit.  I love the interior/outdoor aesthetic of California and abundant use of natural fibers and wood. No one does this better than Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, the husband and wife team behind Atelier AM.  While they do look to Belgium and the design aesthetic of Axel Vervoordt, their style always seems uniquely West Coast to me. Te biggest take away for me is the pared down design gives your eye a chance to really see everything. We tend to get a bit cluttered up here on the East Coast sometimes.  To see more, check out their lovely book Interiors Atelier AM and as always, you can follow me on my trip in real time via Instagram and Twitter.

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