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Chic in NYC: 224 Mulberry Street

by habituallychic

09 . 23 . 14


I’m usually not a fan of new construction but I am quite impressed with the design of 224 Mulberry Street I saw on Curbed today. It was developed by Flank to complement the other buildings in the neighborhood and as though it were in a landmarked district.  Although, I’m sure most of the other buildings don’t have 25-foot ceilings, private terraces, working fireplaces, and an underground garage with a 24-hour doorman who will park your car in one of your two spaces.  They did an especially nice job on the kitchens which they designed with Smallbone. They even had Partners & Spade create a special 130-page book to showcase the proposed design and highlight the neighborhood.  The multi-million dollar price tag for the units means that I better start working harder.

Check out Curbed to see all the floorplans.

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