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Admiring Annina

by habituallychic

09 . 12 . 14


My new favorite street style subject is C magazine fashion editor Annina Mislin.  Her style is an interesting combination of conservative and daring. While I would never wear a bra top and open shirt on the street, I admire her moxie and her abs.  Someone needs to find out her workout routine  and post it online.  I also love that she was photographed by each street style photographer so you can see her ensembles from different angles.  I might have to buy the Green Acne Trench Dress  for myself. Of course, I’ll have to add some buttons.  And just when I thought she only wears her hair in a bun, she left it down for the last day of fashion week. I can’t wait to see what she wears in February.  2-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic

3-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic.jpg4-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 5-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 6-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 7-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 8-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic

9-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic10-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 11-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychic 12-annina-mislin-c-magazine-nyfw-2014-habituallychicannina

Photos via The Sartorialist, Style.com, Vogue.com, The Cut, and W magazine.