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Sponsor Spotlight: Whisper Editions

by habituallychic

04 . 30 . 14

Whisper Editions was founded by former photo editor Judith Puckett-Rinella as a place to commission artists to create original limited edition works that include photography, art, jewelry, and more, to be available for purchase online.  Perfect for when you when to hid out at home from the deluge we’ve had today.

Judith describes Jennilee Marigomen, the photographer of Starling (above) as a young William Eggleston. “The world seen through her lens is seeing the world for the first time. She shot a set of two images  for Whisper Editions, Starling and Dunlevey Street. Together the set is a marriage of subtle elegant nuances and iridescent light and feathers. The edition is extremely small with only 20 in the set and 10 each of the singles.” 

Lina Noel created a beautiful hand carved Arches Ring with a Swarovski crystal inlay for her collaboration with Whisper Editions. Judith said that “Noel’s pieces remind me of the ancient Egyptian pieces that are found at the Met. They make you feel so empowered when you wear them, especially this ring. It feels Goddess like. It makes you feel like you do when you put on a great pair of fierce heels. At only $98, it is an inclusive piece rather than cost prohibitive one. She only made 100 in the edition each numbered by hand.”

Alice Gao is a photography you may follow on Instagram where she has over 730,000 followers. Judith describes her as having “a killer Spartan aesthetic. She worked with a florist called Pretty Street Botanicals from Brooklyn to create her Whisper Editions photo. 

In the very limited edition category is this one-of-a-kind set includes 12 framed cyanotypes made at the Field Apothecary & Herb Farm in Germantown, New York. Each cyanotype is a true original created by exposing photo-sensitive watercolor paper to the sun’s UV rays, resulting in a beautiful Prussian blue print. 

As you might have seen from my Instagram feed, I am obsessed with spring flowers. This photo Natura Morta No 1 by Andrea Gentl of dried poppies shows that even dying flowers can be beautiful. 

While Whisper Editions usually offers their limited editions online, they occasionally host pop up events including a May Day Celebration this Thursday, May 1st. Details are above.  Be there or be square. 

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  1. Miss Sophisticate May 1, 2014 | 12:03 am

    beautiful photography!

  2. Karena Albert May 1, 2014 | 12:29 am

    Very unique works of art and extremely talented artists!

    The Arts by Karena