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Inspiration is Everywhere

by habituallychic

03 . 14 . 13
I sometimes go to stores not just for shopping but for inspiration.  Often the paint colors and decoration borrow from home design so it makes sense. The new Chloe store in Soho is one of my new inspiring stores.  The pale grey exterior had me at hello but the brass rails, shelves, and light fixtures make me wish I had more room in my apartment. The pale colors of the clothes could not only fill your closet but inspire a neutral paint palette.  If you look hard enough, you will see that inspiration is everywhere.

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  1. Yolonda J. Washington // DesignRoundup March 15, 2013 | 1:52 pm

    True! You can find inspiration in many different places and spaces! Loving this Chloe space!

    ♥, LONDA

  2. Pablo March 15, 2013 | 4:02 pm

    Thanks for these pictures! I totally love them. I must say that I often do that, going inside some stores just to get inspired. I usually do that with Massimo Dutti (now you have it in NYC as well, so you may know what I am talking about): not only its chic masculine interiors with black/white/grey/brown/taupe/beige shades and colors and the mix of traditional-classical-modern-contemporary inspire me, but also the store scent is fabulous. I can’t help being happy when I get out, I highly recommend it. Check it out in case you haven’t already! =)

    Greetings from Spain,



  3. Hallie March 15, 2013 | 4:19 pm

    This is so lovely and elegant, and I also enjoyed all your recent posts. Your blog is inspiring as much as your subject matter!!

  4. Camille March 15, 2013 | 4:35 pm

    The grey is stunning and you just can’t beat the elegance of Doric columns. That you for supporting classic design
    Camille Charles Interior Design

  5. BRASWELL March 15, 2013 | 5:11 pm

    When I visit NY-this shop will be on my list of places to visit. So Chic. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. Alexandra Singer March 15, 2013 | 8:51 pm

    I couldn’t agree more!! When you find inspiration everywhere, it makes every trip out your front door a little more exciting too. I can see why you’re inspired by this store– it’s beautiful!!

  7. LAURA TURNER March 18, 2013 | 8:49 pm

    the paint colour on the boutique exterior is beyond perfect.

  8. TheCraftsBoutique March 19, 2013 | 6:16 pm

    I used to go into Brown Thomas in Dublin just cause it was so luxurious. I understand the inspiration- your blog entries are terrific.