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Chic Reads: Cafe Society

by habituallychic

01 . 18 . 11
If you looking for a book that chronicles those who used to be en vogue, I highly suggest Cafe Society: Socialites, Patrons, and Artists 1920-1960.  It’s a fascinating primer on the heyday of international high society and their world.  The book includes includes a myriad of chapters that include aristocrats, wealthy Americans, socialites, chic places, interior designers, courtiers and jewelers, fashion editors and models, photographers, artists, ballet dancers, musicians, and writers.   Some of the people profiled are The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Marie-Laure de Noailles, Daisy Fellowes, Lady Cunard, Alexis de Rede, Porfirio Rubirosa, Lady Mendl, Elsa Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Diana Vreeland, Horst, Alexandre Serebriakoff, Cole Porter, and Noel Coward. The best part has to be the pages reproduced from the scrapbooks of Baron de Cabrol that illustrate much of the book.  The collages made up of artwork and photographs are filled with images of a bygone era made up of over the top balls and holidays in the South of France.  As his wife Baronne de Cabrol was quoted, “We really were very lucky,” she said with a hint of nostalgia. “Life just isn’t like that any more.” Ain’t that the truth!

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  1. patuxxa January 18, 2011 | 6:52 pm

    Oh, dear – that’s been on my (ever growing) Amazon wishlist for a while and now I’m sure it will be my next buy…

  2. Peace Love & All Things Creative January 18, 2011 | 7:05 pm

    ohh i want this….:)

  3. Brittany {Gallery No. Eight} January 18, 2011 | 7:14 pm

    Gorgeous book! Looks like it’s full of inspiration!

  4. Cupcake January 18, 2011 | 7:55 pm
  5. Michael January 18, 2011 | 7:59 pm

    Thanks so much for the tip; a most glamorous era to capture in a book. That initial photo of heiress Barbara Hutton says it all, doesn’t it? Wordly weary after so many wordly pleasures; and she was still so young when that photo was taken.

  6. Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart January 18, 2011 | 8:22 pm

    My father followed the Baron de Cabrol as French Consul General to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and I remember him saying he was quite a flamboyant character! It will be fun to get the book. Merci. I will have fun reading the book.

  7. Natasha January 18, 2011 | 8:56 pm

    Hi Heather,
    Drove down to DCOTA to meet you and listen to the ElleDECOR panel discussion…. heard you were snowed in, in NY.

    Another Time!
    Northern Light

  8. Cara January 18, 2011 | 9:06 pm

    this is soooo up my alley!

  9. Dagmarette Yen January 18, 2011 | 9:43 pm

    Oh the illustrations and pictures are gorgeous. This seems like a wonderful reference in addition to a delightful read. Thank you for sharing x

    Check out The Finishing School

  10. Virginia Blue - Director Blue Fruit January 18, 2011 | 10:17 pm

    What an absolute find! Such elegant times – but this also has more quirky, off-beat illustrations and photographs than just a glossy. Quite a treasure, and the kind of book that is wonderful to pull out again and again over the years.

    Cheers from Australia ~ Virginia of bluefruit.com.au

  11. John J. Tackett January 18, 2011 | 11:02 pm

    Yes, the scrapbook pages of CAFE SOCIETY look fascinating. The rest of the book looks promising, too. __ The Devoted Classicist

  12. Christa Pirl Interiors January 18, 2011 | 11:59 pm

    Certainly going on my amazon list too…also ever-increasing. Thanks for the post, love the photos!

  13. Maria January 19, 2011 | 10:49 am

    oops, posted to the wrong post.

    But yes, saw it on The Imagist & fell in love, thanks for the inside pics!

  14. Lucindaville January 19, 2011 | 2:46 pm

    This book has been on my “Wish List” for months and I have shown great restraint. But you are pushing me to the edge….

  15. Martushka January 19, 2011 | 11:18 pm

    Wow this book looks really great, I’m recently looking a lot into this period, the pages from Baron de Cabrol scrapbooks looks amazing, I’ve recently become also a fan of Marchesa Casati books about her a amazing