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The Big Bambú

by habituallychic

07 . 29 . 10

The best part about the roof garden at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is that it’s open to the sky. So imagine my surprise when I stepped off the elevator and was faced with a 100 foot long bamboo structure that blocked the sun! It looked like a cross between Kon-Tiki and a hippie Swiss Family Robinson habitat. My visit was at the end of May when I was at the Met to see the Picasso exhibit so I hadn’t read yet anything about the summer installation which officially entitled Big Bambú: You Can’t, You Don’t, and You Won’t Stop. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or not but once I had a chance to walk through it and read more about it, I definitely came to appreciate this amazing art exhibition.

Twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn and a team of rock climbers will be constructing Big Bambú until October and you can watch them build it before your eyes. I witnessed one worker strip the bamboo poles of leaves and cut them for the other members tied them together with nylon rope. You can see in my photos that the team climb very high off the ground and dotted throughout the installation. If you are also dressed properly, meaning sneakers and shorts or pants, you can schedule a guided tour that takes you along the footpaths and bridges that weave through the structure. I, of course, was wearing sandals and a dress so I didn’t not take advantage of this opportunity which quite frankly looked scary! I am sure it would be very exciting for children though. It will interesting to check in periodically throughout the summer and see how Big Bambú has evolved and even more so to see how it ends. And more importantly, I wonder how many months it will take them to clean up!

Photos by Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic

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  1. elizar33 July 29, 2010 | 11:32 pm

    ooooh! nice!

  2. Blue July 30, 2010 | 1:23 am

    I was there in May and though I found this installation beautiful I also found it terrifying – acrophobia, I suppose. The shadows are what made very beautiful.

  3. the coolbirth kid August 2, 2010 | 7:37 pm

    isn’t the big bambu installation fascinating?!
    i’ve recommended it to anyone who’ll listen –
    and even those whom refuse to…
    didn’t get to see actual work being performed though;
    so cool to see implementation,
    and creation.
    i plan to go back towards the end of summer,
    because it’s ever evolving.
    the brothers’ other major piece,
    in beacon new york,
    (at the d.i.a.?)
    is also supposed to be of interest.