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I’ve had such a nice response to my shopping and fashion posts that I decided to ask my Instagram followers if they had any fashion conundrums or questions that I could address in future posts. My dear friend Andrew Brown asked for a fall menswear post which I hadn’t thought of even though I know […]

No Shave November

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A few years ago, I couldn’t figure out why all the men at Milk Studios had facial hair.  Then someone explained to me that it was Movember where men grow mustaches to bring awareness to men’s health issue and raise funds.  Not every man looks good with just a mustache so I prefer No Shave November […]

Beautiful Maleness

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I realized that I have been posting a lot of women’s fashions lately and haven’t given my male readers much love.  Here’s a little masculine inspiration that I’m sure many women will also enjoy.  How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression.  – D.H. Lawrence Michael Caine via Other Wordly Photo by Idha Lindhag […]