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Summer Destination Dressing

by habituallychic

06 . 04 . 24

Every time I post for one particular luxury retail partnership, I receive messages requesting less expensive options. For certain partnerships, I am often restricted to new deliveries or certain parameters but for almost all my other posts, I try my hardest to include fashion in all price points and with inclusive sizing. As I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t spend a lot on my clothing but I do splurge on hangbags, shoes, and coats.

For this post, I have tried my best to include items that are reasonably priced or on sale with a few exceptions and some travel advice thrown in for free. The first being for a trip to Sicily.

Sicily is on my must visit list and if it’s on your list too, I highly suggest checking out Jacques Garcia’s book A Sicilian Dream: Villa Elena where they filmed some of the White Lotus. You can rent Villa Elena but but it’s “price upon request” on the Jacque Garcia Noto website. There are three other villas also available to rent which are listed with photos and detailed information online. The prices seem high but if you share them with a group of friends or family, they seem rather reasonable.

To get yourself in the mood, I suggest you watch the iconic 1963 Luchino Visconti film The Leopard. The story follows the Prince of Salina, a noble aristocrat of impeccable integrity, who tries to preserve his family and class amid the tumultuous social upheavals of 1860s Sicily. It stars Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon, and Claudia Cardinale, among others.

I have a rule against visiting Italy in the summer because it’s so hot but I understand that the school vacation schedule often dictates when families can travel. If you are traveling to Italy this summer, make sure you pack light dresses like this Linen and Cotton Button Front Midi Dress. It comes in four colors and is currently and extra 20% off.

These Prada Leather Ankle-Strap Sandals are not less expensive or on sale but when you save elsewhere, you can splurge on them. If they had a lower heel, I’d buy them in a heartbeat. I also like these Brown Suede Sandals which are less expensive.

This Natural Fibre Hobo Bag has the look of a designer bag without the designer price.

These Oversized Square Frame Sunglasses also look designer but cost less.

Chan Luu was kind enough to send me this Charm Necklace as a gift and I love the hint of color the chalcedony stone adds a neutral outfit.

Wear this Aquamarine and Gold Accent Bracelet stacked with other bracelets or alone for a little touch of color.

This outfit is for those of you headed to Rome this summer.

I am going to be honest, I did not love Rome when I first visited the city so I do think I need to try again at some point. What I did love in the city and the place I recommend everyone visit is the amazing Doria Pamphilj Gallery which is a large private art collection housed in the Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. The other half of the palazzo is still a private residence and if you want to get the inside scoop, there is an amazing article on the old Vanity Fair article from 2014 that is worth reading.

If you are looking for a place to stay, the Casa Monti Hotel just opened on May 31st. It’s part of the Leitmotiv hotel group which describes their properties as casual luxury with playfulness which usually means lots of color and pattern.

Skip the new Ripley series and get inspired for your trip with the classic film, The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Rome is hot. I just checked the weather and it will be 90 degrees next week so expect it to be even hotter in July and August so you’ll need lightweight sleeveless dresses like this Racer Back Midi Dress. It comes int three colors and will keep you cool.

I like suede sandals like these Tan Suede Sandals since they tend to give more than leather which comes in handy when your feet swell up from the heat and walking. They also come in black and are on sale right now.

This bone colored Woven Straw Camera Bag is the perfect crossbody size for sightseeing and staying safe.

These light pink D Frame Sunglasses will also keep you cool on hot days. I have a pair of their collaboration sunglasses and the quality is great for the price.

There are so many great costume jewelry options those of you who don’t like to travel with your expensive pieces. I love these Drop Earrings for adding a little color.

This Double Stone Wrap Ring is fun for adding color too.

I love visiting London in the summer since it’s usually not as hot as the continent.

I’ve already posted about the At Sloane hotel that is the new hot spot but I also recommend the Chiltern Firehouse. It’s located in my favorite neighborhood of Marylebone which always feels local and never touristy. You’re also bound to see some celebrities staying at the hotel and dining in its restaurant.

To get in the mood, I recommend watching Notting Hill and reading The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy.

Two summers ago when I was in London, floral print mid dresses were all the rage. You don’t need to wear florals but midi dresses are the look so why not try this Oversized Short Sleeved Linen Midi Dress. Check the dimensions because I can size down one to two sizes in this dress.

These tan Leather Sandals are designer but they are currently on sale. They also come in black and cream.

This Knotted Mesh Tote Bag is another designer item on sale but I also like this Crocheted Shoulder Bag which is only $65. This Paper Straw Shopper Tote is another chic but less expensive option.

These Oversized Square Tortoiseshell Sunglasses are a fun on sale style. They also come in blue but they are no on sale.

You can wear this Pearlized Mixed Metal Statement Necklace dressed up or down.

I’ve worn similar Baroque Pearl Drop Earrings for almost 10 years.

If you are planning to visit NYC this summer, I recommend June or August which can be surprisingly nice. But avoid July when it’s extremely hot and humid.

All my French and foreign friends have been staying at Nine Orchard and one of them even saw Jacob Elordi staying there too.

In the summer of 1948, E.B. White sat in a New York City hotel room and, sweltering in the heat, wrote a remarkable pristine essay, Here is New York. Perceptive, funny, and nostalgic, the author’s stroll around Manhattan—with the reader arm-in-arm—remains the quintessential love letter to the city, written by one of America’s foremost literary figures. Here is New York has been chosen by The New York Times as one of the ten best books ever written about the city. The New Yorker calls it “the wittiest essay, and one of the most perceptive, ever done on the city.” Perfect summer in the city reading.

There are hundreds of films you can watch to get in the mood for NYC but You’ve Got Mail remains one of the most charming.

This Linen Blend Collared Midi Dress will keep you cool in the heat but I also love this Silk Linen Maxi Dress, Square Neck Midi Dress, and A-line Cotton Poplin Midi Dress.

These brown Suede Sandals will keep your feet cool on the hot pavement. They also come in black.

You could bring this Small Plaid Basket Tote Bag and have it match multiple outfits on your trip.

Add a little color with these Square Butterfly Sunglasses

This chunky Fragments of the Road Gold-plated Necklace is currently on sale.

I love this Recycled Gold Vermeil Rhodochrosite Ring with the pink stone but it’s also available in lapis lazuli. They are both on sale.

I avoid Paris every summer but will definitely be avoiding it this year due to the Olympics but I know many of you have trips coming up. If you need any help planning them, my Paris Guide is always updated and always available.

You can never go wrong reading Hemingway and his book A Moveable Feast, a classic memoir of Paris in the 1920s.

My Paris Guide is filled with great hotel recommendations but a new one that just opened today is the Hotel Balzac from the same group behind the Saint James and Relais Christine hotels.

You could always go old school and watch an Eric Rohmer film but Midnight in Paris is always a fun film to watch before a trip to Paris.

You can never go wrong with a black dress in Paris and this Puff Sleeve Midi Dress is a chic option. It’s also available in beige.

These black Strappy Leather Flat Sandals are currently on sale.

This colorway of the Watermill Bag is currently on sale but there are six other color options from which to choose.

Pretend you are a French movie star with these black Oversized Rounded Sunglasses.

If you like the look of the Khaite Earrings but not the price, these Textured Metal Stud Earrings are very similar.

This Wooden Bracelet Set is a lightweight way to wear jewelry this summer. I also like this Wooden Bracelet.

If you’re invited to an English country house or wedding this summer, you’ll need a lovely dress.

You can’t go to the English countryside without reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I’s fall in love with a man with lovely grounds too.

My absolutely favorite UK based film is Gosford Park which takes place over a shooting party weekend at an English country estate in the 1930s.

If you want to plan your own English country weekend, I highly recommend booking Estelle Manor.

I have this Nita Dress in navy and it did need to be hemmed because it’s very long. Those of you who are tall will love it. But you could also leave it long for a formal event. My tailor also moved the snap that keeps it closed so it wasn’t so low cut. But it’s cut on the bias which is incredibly flattering and the pale blue color is perfect for a wedding.

These Satin Sandals are perfect for outdoor events due to the block heel.

You can add a summer touch to the outfit with this pink Woven Clutch.

English weddings happen earlier in the day so you might need these blue Aviator Sunglasses.

This Pearlized Pendant Necklace would sit perfectly in the neckline of the dress.

This pretty Freshwater Pearl Bracelet would go with any of these outfits.

Bon voyage!