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A Beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone

by habituallychic

07 . 22 . 19

When someone moves to Brooklyn because they need more room for a growing family, I immediately think of the Sex and the City episode where Miranda and Steve do just that. I don’t think their house looked anything like the chic Cobble Hill brownstone that Vogue alum and Maisonette co-founder Sylvana Durrett lives in with her family.

Sylvana, her husband, three children, and dog moved in after an extensive renovation by CWB Architects. Actually they moved to the top floor during the renovation but it looks like it was worth it the wait. Carrier and Company, who have had many Vogue clients, handled the interior design and landscape designer Miranda Brooks tackled the garden to create a dream home that might have a lot of people thinking about moving to Brooklyn.

“This Cobble Hill Brownstone for a family of five is a fun and captivating design, the perfect blend of the wife’s love of English country style and the husband’s preference for modern. The young power couple, her the co-founder of Maisonette and him an investor, have three children and a dog, requiring that all the surfaces, finishes and, materials used throughout the home are both beautiful and durable to make every room a carefree space the whole family can enjoy.

The primary design challenge for this project was creating both distinct places for the family to live their day to day lives and also a whole floor dedicated to formal entertainment. The clients entertain large dinners on a monthly basis as part of their profession. We solved this by adding an extension on the Garden and Parlor levels. This allowed the Garden level to function as the daily family operations center and the Parlor level to be party central. The kitchen on the garden level is large enough to dine in and accommodate a large catering crew. 

On the parlor level, we created a large double parlor in the front of the house; this space is dedicated to cocktail hour and after-dinner drinks. The rear of the parlor is a spacious formal dining room that can seat up to 14 guests. The middle “library” space contains a bar and facilitates access to both the front and rear rooms; in this way, it can double as a staging area for the parties. 

The remaining three floors are sleeping quarters for the family and frequent out of town guests. Designing a row house for private and public functions programmatically returns the building to a configuration in line with its original design. “

– CWB Architects

The brownstone was recently featured in Architectural Digest and Rip and Tan. I’ve mixed those photos with a few other from Lingua Franca and CWB Architects which gives you a full view of the home. You can check these sites for full credits.

Photos from Architectural Digest, CWB Architects, Rip & Tan, and Lingua Franca.