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Hermès Vestiaire d’Hiver 2014

by habituallychic

10 . 22 . 14


I came across these images of the winter collection at Hermès, Vestiaire d’Hiver 2014, on Pinterest and they make me wish I could crawl into them and inhabit this chic world.  There is also a video. The mood is a little somber but it fits the rainy grey day we’re having in New York. They also make me confident in my decision to get my hair cut shorter yesterday.  The change of season is a good time to change more than just your wardrobe.

Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-002 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-003 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-004 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-005 Chemise col officier en batiste de coton, pantalon motard en cerf graine. Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-007 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-008 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-009 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-010 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-011 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-012 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-013 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-014 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-015 Hermès-Vestiaire-d'Hiver-2014-habituallychic-016 Blouse imprimee TAPIS PERSAN en etamine de laine.